Get the big picture of business strategy execution

Align your strategic objectives with execution while engaging all teams in achieving enterprise success.

Align portfolios and strategy

Although aligning projects and programs with strategic objectives can be a real challenge for most organizations, Triskell allows you to make the best business decisions in terms of prioritization across your project or product portfolio.

Focus your resources on business value

Get a clear picture of the projects, programs and portfolios that bring the most value to your organization, in order to align resource management with the key objectives and results set by the company’s executives.

Adapt portfolio execution planning on the go

Adaptive portfolio management allows you to react in an agile and flexible way to any internal or external change that requires you to modify your business objectives and the priorities of the projects, programs or products your organization is working on.

The best strategic portfolio management solution for your operational needs

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the Triskell platform can be adapted to different roles and levels within the organization. From executives to PMO and strategy managers, Triskell’s strategic portfolio management features can benefit everyone.

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution and get rid of complex and time-consuming spreadsheets by easily tracking benefits and ensuring powerful goal definition and cascading with one single tool.

Triskell for Strategy Managers

Make the PMO the entity that arbitrates prioritization and decision-making when executing the organization’s strategy. Optimize your portfolio roadmaps and financial and resource management and align them with your business objectives.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Simplify long-range planning and budgeting while integrating long-range plans into the annual budgeting process for greater efficiency. Triskell also helps to coordinate and increase performance efforts between finance and business units.

Triskell for Financial Controllers

Avoid information gaps and encourage collaboration and PPM adoption among all your teams and individuals. Keep all stakeholders informed and involve them in decision-making processes throughout your strategy and execution.

Triskell for Stakeholders

Integrate with the tools you already use

Achieving your strategic objectives requires integrated systems that can effectively cascade these goals throughout the organization while also improving collaboration and communication. Triskell offers a set of standard integration tools that can be tailored to your business needs.

Customer Testimonials

“We evaluated several PPM Software and were amazed at how easy and flexible Triskell is. The implementation team showed a strong knowledge of PMOs needs”.
Alexandre Azevedo | PMO Manager

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