A unique PPM software for your unique organization

A single platform to manage all your portfolio management processes with innovative, custom configured solutions to fit your real needs.

Unlimited flexibility

Each organization has its own goals and maturity level in its portfolio management processes. Triskell’s platform is designed to adapt to each business environment, with different solutions to address your governance and management challenges.

Evolve your solutions as your business changes

Organizations and challenges change rapidly today. Triskell allows you to adapt and extend your environment by adding and updating solutions, business objects and rules on the fly. Integrate all levels of your organization and provide them with the right features for their specific needs at any given time.

Portfolio Scoring Grid + Resource board

Get total freedom to build the solution you need

With just a few clicks and without coding knowledge you can configure and evolve the Triskell platform PPM solutions according to your current and future management needs.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage company portfolios and get a real-time picture of the performance of your organization and resources while supporting company strategy.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Cascade your strategic plans, goals and KPIs across your organization, so you will focus on the portfolios that are aligned with your company’s mission and vision.

Agile Portfolio Management

Accelerate your time-to-market and focus your business on continuous value delivery by scaling Agile for enterprise-wide adoption.

IT Portfolio Management

Improve the visibility and priority of your IT portfolio. Increase IT budget ROI and demonstrate the value your teams are bringing to the company.

Resource Management

Plan and optimize your resource management processes by achieving the optimal balance of incoming demand and organizational capacity.

New Product Development

Provide agility and flexibility in your R&D initiatives to deliver product innovation at scale and increase product portfolio management value.

Transformation Program

Lead your business transformation and align, prioritize, execute and track the impact of your programs and initiatives in your organization.

Demand Management

Improve the intake and workflow to facilitate capacity planning and enterprise growth by creating a clear view of demand and its potential impact on business strategy.

Financial Management

Manage your company’s portfolio with real-time visibility into the financial performance from budgeting through the collection of actual costs.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Make Triskell’s platform the interface where to gather all the processes and information related to your portfolio management thanks to the integrations it offers with systems such as Jira, Microsoft Project, SAP or Salesforce.


Get total flexibility to activate new features or extend the scope and coverage of your PPM solutions. Triskell provides a wide range of modern, agile and intuitive tools to address all your business challenges.

Get ready for the most flexible PPM solution