Lead the path to business agility in your organization

Accelerate your time-to-market by delivering products, projects and services faster than ever.

Agile strategic planning across all enterprise portfolios

Put all teams at the service of the organization’s strategic objectives. Focus on product and project portfolios that bring the most value to the business. Adapt to planning changes in an agile and flexible way.

Real-time portfolio governance

Use adaptive portfolio management to adjust project prioritization, demand management, resource management and financial management as strategic objectives change. Bring agility to all your PMO processes for continuous value delivery.

Balance capacity with resource planning

Focus your resources on continuous value delivery by balancing your demand management processes with your capacity to cope with all incoming demand. Estimate different scenarios with what-if scenario analysis for smart resource allocation.

Agile portfolio management for all

Driving agility across the enterprise requires everyone in a position of responsibility. Executives, transformation leaders, PMO managers… they all need to do their part to implement Agile. Triskell gives them the tools to make it happen.

Define strategic objectives in an agile way with advanced dashboards. Cascade your strategy planning throughout the organization, ensuring that all departments and people are aligned with your vision and objectives, while breaking down silos.

Triskell for CEOs and executives

Bring agility to your organization’s processes and make the PMO an early adopter of this new path to agility. Empower your teams towards business success by getting them to focus on the initiatives that bring the most value to the organization.

Triskell for PMO Managers

Agile portfolio management requires agile resource planning processes. Apply supply and demand principles so that resource management stays in balance with the organization’s short- and medium-term capacity planning.

Triskell for Resource Managers

Build a framework for your organization’s transformation program. Run scenario simulations to determine the scope and potential risk consequences. Break down resistance to change on your path to business agility.

Triskell for Transformation Leaders

Integrate with the tools you already use

The path to Agile is complex, obstructed primarily by resistance to change and silos. Triskell offers a range of integrations to overcome these obstacles and smooth your transition to Agile.

Customer Testimonials

“We evaluated several PPM Software and were amazed at how easy and flexible Triskell is. The implementation team showed a strong knowledge of PMOs needs”.
Alexandre Azevedo | PMO Manager

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