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This IDC Analyst Connection, sponsored by Triskell Software, dives into how today’s fast-changing and disruptive business ecosystems force organizations to be focused on continuous value delivery to customers in order to meet the strategic goals and objectives.

Many organizations struggle to finish their projects on time, on budget, and within scope. If you look into their portfolios, one of the first things to notice is the huge number of projects. In this White Paper, you will get one or more examples to understand each project creature, to which question it relates, who must act, and how to kill it or transform the creature into a project that fits in the portfolio.

Introducing Agile practices into an organization can be a challenging task. For new adopters, the case for Agile methods has to be supplemented by results showing the high failure rates in traditional projects. Highlighting the inherent defects in the Waterfall model and promoting the idea of iterative development could also serve as useful strategies.

This article depicts the best practice approach for integrating Agile approaches and specifically Scrum development with traditional overarching linear approaches, specifically waterfall methodology. The Agile PMO, properly defined, can be positioned to secure Agile-Scrum benefits while maintaining the necessary overarching control.

Project management is changing, Success factors of yesterday and today (Project quality), Project management goals, Requirements for future IT software systems, Using project management software, Solution approach.

Most organizations and technology leaders agree that even a modest investment in a project portfolio management solution can yield noticeable benefits – even significant returns in some cases of higher dollar applications across the enterprise.

You’re a growing company with new projects in the works, projects that are currently happening and a debris field of successful and failed projects behind you. You have some info…some data that will help you decide what projects to take on, what to pass on, and what to do next, after that, and after that. But where do you put it…how do you use it? The answer? A project portfolio management (PPM) tool or solution.

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