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Do you want to know what are the key elements and best practices for efficient R&D project portfolio management?

Focusing portfolio management on continuous and real value delivery is the major challenge for the modern PMO.

Understand the organization’s value streams, align the portfolio with strategic objectives, break down silos and establish a customer-centric mindset.

Resource management challenges are the top issues facing project and portfolio management today. Because resource shortages and conflicts can plague your ability to deliver, understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your organization give you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. This ability can make the difference between successfully executing strategy and failing.

In order to efficiently address the governance and management challenges they face, IT departments need to have a PPM software with integrated Strategic Portfolio Management functionalities.

Reliance upon time reporting is inadequate for supporting today’s needs for real-time, dynamic resource management and capacity planning decisions. Program and portfolio management leaders can leverage existing tools to perform aggregate planning in support of portfolio-level decisions.

The transition to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) challenges traditional PMOs and EPMOs to maintain portfolio accountability, ensure the alignment of the initiatives to strategic business outcomes, create visibility between portfolio and related work in all phases and reimagine governance synchronization between business and technology.

Clear, measurable business goals are vital to business success, but they’re often described vaguely. Executive leaders should align their strategic initiatives to overall business goals and capture traceable metrics to demonstrate the value delivered.

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